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As a classical guitarist, I have spent my career weaving a tapestry of musical styles that captivate audiences. With a passion for infusing Latin and classical melodies with the energy of popular genres such as rock, pop, jazz, and country,  I’ve created unforgettable experiences through the strings of my guitar. Whether it’s the elegance of corporate gatherings, the romance of weddings, the vibrancy of festivals, or the grandeur of concerts, I bring the magic of classical guitar to each occasion.


My journey in the world of music began in 1985, and I honed my skills with a Bachelor of Music from the University of Utah, followed by a Master’s in Music from the University of Arizona.


Throughout my illustrious career, I’ve graced the stages of renowned venues, from performing at Arts and Entertainment at the Sundance Film Festival to leaving my mark on Warner Brothers’ hit TV show “Major Crime.” I even had the privilege of contributing my music to the 2002 Winter Olympics and serenading guests at Mitt Romney’s national presidential fundraiser.


My performances have resonated with major corporations, including Verizon, Microsoft, Toyota, and Shell Oil, as well as intimate gatherings like the personal birthday party of the CEO of Cisco. Some of the prestigious resorts that have hosted my music include the Bellagio, St. Regis, Waldorf Astoria, Montage Resort, MGM Grand, Stein Eriksen Lodge, and Snowbird.


With over 20 albums released on my own label, LMS Recordings, and a staggering 140 million views on YouTube, my music has reached hearts far and wide. I’ve had the privilege of playing at actor James Wood’s wedding and performed at weddings from coast to coast, making each event an enchanting experience.


From resorts and corporate events to weddings, festivals, and concerts, I’m dedicated to providing the perfect soundscape for every occasion. Whether it’s a large or small event, indoors or outdoors, my guitar and I are here to make your moments unforgettable.

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